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Sandy Paul

I am honored to have been selected as one of the 22 models for the 2018 Kendall Catwalk for a Cause event, benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley (BGCEV).

I am determined to win the TOP MODEL AWARD, but I need YOUR HELP!!! Please consider donating towards my pledge today! Every dollar counts!

Get To Know Sandy And Why She Said Yes To Being A Model

How did you get roped into doing this, and what was your first thought when asked?

Missy Koke has been asking me for a few years. Timing was never right until this year.


Why did you say yes?

I said yes because any chance to help children is the right reason for me! Combined with the fact I get to meet some new
amazing people in our community and have some fun makes the decision even easier!


What is your official job title?

My official job title is Account Manager - Workers' Compensation Department


How would you describe your job to your mother?

My job consists of helping large and small companies obtain workers' compensation insurance to best suit their
companies needs.


All families are unique, tell us about yours.

Single Mother of two boys! My oldest is soon to be 21, working and enjoying life. My youngest son is 15 and a freshman in high school.


Tell us about your personal passions, talents, and/or hobbies.

Mostly I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. My friends and I like to attend concerts together. It's hard for us to say no
when we hear of someone coming we haven't seen yet or want to see again! A good portion of my time is spent in the gym working towards my fitness goals. So far the struggle has been great! Hiking, camping, exploring Oregon are other hobbies/passions I like to do.


Who inspired you when you were growing up, and why?

My Grandma! My Grandma was a hard working determined woman! Nothing stood in her way. I was very blessed to have her
strength and guidance in my life. I miss her and everything about her every day since she's been gone.


If you could go back and talk to your 12-year-old self, what would you say?

Dear 12-year-old self... take it from old you - study hard, do sports and stay away from boys! ;)

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