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Nigel Francisco

I am honored to have been selected as one of the 22 models for the 2019 Kendall Catwalk for a Cause event, benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley (BGCEV).


I am determined to win the

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Every dollar counts!

Get To Know Nigel And Why He Said Yes To Being A Model

How did you get roped into doing this, and what was your first thought when asked?

Allan asked me to participate in this great event. I know he has been involved in the club for a long time, and I have participated in past fundraising events.


Why did you say yes?

I did not want to pass up an opportunity to raise funds for a great organization. I know many people who have volunteered with clubs in the past and they always tell me how great the experience is. 


What is your official job title?

King Estate Winery - Chief Financial Officer


How would you describe your job to your mother?

I help the leadership team execute a vision and strategy that will make the business stronger and help us grow.

What is your favorite part of your occupation?

Using data to solve problems and working with others to help them find success.


All families are unique, tell us about yours.
Looking back on it we had a lot of animals over the years. Two afghan hounds, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, countless fish, cats, and a turtle that ran away.


Tell us about your personal passions, talents, and/or hobbies.

I enjoy outdoor recreation. Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, biking, and running. I also really like to cook and eat food.

Who inspired you when you were growing up, and why?

My parents. They were both in education and they worked hard so we could enjoy life.


If you could go back and talk to your 12-year-old self, what would you say?

Work hard, be humble, help others and success will follow.

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